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Marie Antoinette and her little sister

I get it

I finally get the joke

I don’t get it…..

They both lost their heads. 


Being in a band with your brother is probably one of the most amazing things in the world.”



This was one of my all time favorite pictures I have taken in my few years of doing photography.

The point of this picture and the people with bags over their heads is to represent what society does to genders. First off, people assume gender by body type but in this picture you could have two transgenders, one, both male, both female, or any other combination and we would still be the same… Human.

Now, women are victimized by wearing revealing clothing or not being afraid to show their bodies with pride as well as being comfortable with their sexuality, while a nearly nude male doing the exact same thing won’t be put down for showing off the body they have.

Regaurdless of what you take this message as, I just want everyone to realize that we are all the same kind and we are all unique. People have no right to judge another person by what they wear, or who they choose to be.

(For safety purposes on this picture I had taken a picture of this from my wall) 

© BU Photography 2013

I am actually like crying at the amount of notes on this in a 10 hour period. This is by far my best picture I have taken in a really long time. 

Thank you guys so much